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By Mary Ellen Miller

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Мифы, верования и культура древней Мезоамерики (майя, ацтеки, тольтеки)

»The Gods and logos of old Mexico and the Maya» is the first-ever English-language dictionary
of Mesoamerican mythology and faith. approximately three hundred entries, from accession to yoke, describe the most gods
and symbols of the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Maya, Teotihuacanos, Mixtecs, Toltecs, and Aztecs.
Topics variety from jaguar and jester gods to reptile eye and rubber, from construction debts and sacred areas
to ritual practices akin to bloodletting, confession, dance, and pilgrimage.

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To be aged, post­ beads or dots. Blood m ay also ap p ear as a m enopausal w om en w ell-ve rs ed in plants, D iv iN A T iO N , and o th e r esoteric lo re . T h e m ost b lo o d le ttin g T h e act o f d ra w in g BLO O D from Yucatec M a y a ixcHEL, was honored a t a m ajo r th e hum an body w as p racticed ro u tin e ly throu g h o u t M eso am erica fo r ritu a l purposes. piLCRiMAGE shrine on the island o f C o zum el, Because th e situated o ff the no rth ern coast o f Q u in ta n a to crea te h u m a n ity , hum an blood was the fam ous sup ern atu ral p atro n o f m id w ives, the G O DS had shed th e ir ow n blood Roo, M exico .

Bundle Sacred bundles w e re an im p o rtan t p a rt o f M esoam erican history and ritu a l. In contrast to MERCHANT bundles, w hich are oblong and w rap p ed w ith rope and m attin g , sacred bundles are usually round w ith prom i­ nent, large knots. C le a r exam ples occur in the a rt o f the Classic M a y a as w e ll as o f the Postclassic Aztecs and M ixtees. Sacred bundles often play an im p o rtan t role in the jo u rn e y and m igrations o f a people to th e ir chosen place. In the POPOLVUH account o f the legendary m igrations o f the Q uiche M a y a , the Pizom G agal bundle represents the deceased ancestor B alam Q u itze.

A fte rlife M esoam erican beliefs o f a fte rlife varied w ith region and tim e , b u t fo r fe w people was th ere any sense th a t hum an m o rality affected the a fte rlife . F o r the Aztecs, the key to one s a fte rlife was the m anner o f DEATH itself; for the M a y a , one was tested a fte r death by the gods o f the U N D E R W O R L D . A lthough no texts survive from the F o rm a ­ tive era, rich offerings placed in TO M B S reveal b e lie f in an a fte rlife . A t L a V e n ta , JADE treasures accom panied deceased O lm ec nobles la id to rest in basalt sarcophagi.

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