Doreen Valiente's An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present PDF

By Doreen Valiente

ISBN-10: 0919345778

ISBN-13: 9780919345775

What's the courting of the Bible to Witchcraft? What are Fairies, and Magical Alphabets? What have been the hyperlinks among Druidism and Witchcraft? An ABC of Witchcraft covers those matters and lots of extra from the well-informed and delicate perspective of practising witch, Doreen Valiente.Arranged in alphabetical order for simple reference, the booklet discusses over one hundred twenty five topics that can difficulty someone wishing to grasp extra approximately this historic pagan faith. different issues comprise Atlantis, Witches' Familiars, Dancing, hearth Magic, Flying Ointments, Horses and Witchcraft, Initiations, Love Charms, Royalty and its reference to witchcraft, etc., etc., with as much as numerous pages on each one subject.Both the layman and skilled practitioner will locate this ebook relaxing and fascinating!Over 30,000 bought!

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One of the titles of the Greek Sun-God was Apollo Smintheus, 'Apollo the M ouse' ; and sacred white mice were kept in some of his temples). So Diana went in search of counsel, "to the fathers of the Beginning, to the mothers, the spirits who were before the first spirit". Now, who were these mysterious primeval powers, both male and female ? It seems from the foregoing that they were the unmanifest aspects of Diana herself-what C. G. Jung has called the Ouroboros, the male­ female foundation of Nature.

This does not mean, however, that witches are pacifists. They say that to allow wrong to flourish unchecked is not 'harming none'. On the contrary, it is harming everybody. This bears some resemblance to Aleister Crowley's law for the New Aeon : "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will. " People often quote the first part of Crowley's dictum, and claim that he advocated universal licence. They forget the second part of his words. Centuries before, Saint Augustine said some­ thing very similar : "Love God, and do what you will.

So in the course of the ages, when the world was made, Diana descended to earth, "as did Lucifer, who had fallen". Now, as the god of the sun, Lucifer 'falls' in the course of every year, as the sun declines into winter. Then he becomes the Lord of the Under­ world, as did the Egyptian sun god Osiris. This also has a more esoteric meaning, when the light 'falls' by becoming enmeshed in the world of manifestation. So, continues the Vangelo, Diana prevailed upon Lucifer by the first act of witchcraft.

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