Duane A. Garrett's Amos: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text (Baylor Handbook on the PDF

By Duane A. Garrett

ISBN-10: 1932792694

ISBN-13: 9781932792690

This 3rd quantity within the Baylor instruction manual at the Hebrew Bible sequence presents specialist, entire tips in answering major questions about the Hebrew textual content. whereas reflecting the newest advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the paintings makes use of a mode that's lucid adequate to function an invaluable agent for instructing and self-study.

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The oracle on Tyre is unique in that it has only these requisite five lines plus one additional line, Ad. ‫הוה‬ ֔ ָ ְ‫ ֚כֹּה ָא ַ ֣מר י‬1:9a Prose Clause: See 1:3. 1:9b: First Stanza. Four lines. Each is headed by ‫ ַעל‬or ‫וְ ַעל‬, except that the fourth line (Ad) is headed by ‫וְ לֹא זָ ְכרּו‬. This line is exposition on Ac, indicating the especially heinous nature of this act of kidnapping people for slavery. ‫ֹלׁש ֙ה ִּפ ְׁש ֵעי־ ֔צֹר‬ ָ ‫ל־ׁש‬ ְ ‫ַע‬ ‫יבּנּו‬ ֑ ֶ ‫ל־א ְר ָּב ָ ֖עה ֣ל ֹא ֲא ִׁש‬ ַ ‫וְ ַע‬ ‫ירם ּגָ ֤לּות ְׁש ֵל ָמ ֙ה ֶל ֱא ֔דֹום‬ ֞ ָ ִ‫ל־ה ְסּג‬ ַ ‫ַ ֽע‬ ‫וְ ֥ל ֹא זָ ְכ ֖רּו ְּב ִ ֥רית ַא ִ ֽחים׃‬ Aa 1:9b Ab Ac Ad Line Aa: The colon-marker is zaqeph qaton and the constraints are: 0 predicators, 1 constituent, and 3 units.

Qal qatal 3 m s of minates the poem. ‫אמר‬. The divine speech formula ter- ‫יְהוָ ה‬. The subject. 1:6-8: Second Oracle (Gaza) After the prose heading (‫מר יְהוָ ה‬ ֣ ַ ‫)כֹּה ָא‬, the poem has two stanzas, each a single strophe. This poem is structurally identical to 1:3-5. The first stanza (1:6) gives the reasons God will judge Gaza and the Philistines in three lines, with each headed by the preposition ‫ ַעל‬. The second (1:7-8) gives the punishment in seven lines, with each line headed by a weqatal verb, except for line Bd, where there is gapping with the verb ‫ וְ ִה ְכ ַר ִּתי‬in line Bc doing double-duty, and line Bg, which is the concluding ‫ ָא ַמר ֲאד ֹנָ י יְהוִ ה‬.

Moab, located east of the Jordan and north of Edom, is accused of violence toward its southern neighbor. Line Ab: The colon-marker is athnach and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 2 constituents, and 2 units. indd 47 6/6/08 2:24:38 PM 48 fix. Amos 2:1 ‫ל־א ְר ָּב ָ ֖עה‬ ַ ‫וְ ַע‬. Prepositional phrase with ‫ ַעל‬used causally. ‫ ֣ל ֹא ֲא ִׁש ֶיבּ֑נּו‬. Negated hiphil yiqtol 1 c s of ‫ שׁוּב‬with 3 m s suf- Line Ac: The colon-marker is silluq and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 3 constituents, and 5 units.

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