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Retain this pressure (Fig. 180). 3. Bend opponent's right arm slightly above your left hip, holding it in this position. This arm must not be permitted to slide, or rest on your chest or abdomen (Fig. 181). 4. Place your left hand on his wrist, behind your right, for additional support. 5. Without removing your right hand, slide it beneath his wrist, your thumb leading, to exert pressure on the under side of his wrist (Fill". 182). 6. Now apply opposing pressure with both your hands and bend his wrist double.

2. Drive your bent leg into opponent's knee with all the force you can command (Fig. 167). This should succeed in breaking your enemy'. leg. The least this action will do is to knock your opponent to the ground, thus granting you an opportunity to proceed to other holds described in this book. 106 Fig. 166 Fig. 165 Fig. 167 BLOCKING A KICK TO THE TESTICLES You must be constantly on guard against a kick to the testicles. If it is attempted against you, block it in the following way so that you obtain a hold on your opponen t' s extended leg.

Once this throw is started, it is of the utmost importance that it be continued. Failure to execute the complete hold may result in your opponent's disabling you. POSITION: You are facing your opponent. ACTION: I. Grasp opponent'" right wrist in your left hand (Fig. 88). ) Raise your arm upward and to your left. 2. Pivot on your left foot with your back snug against your opponent's chest. You now both face in the same direction, and your right foot is outside his right foot. Keep his arm stretched over your shoulder.

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