Harry G. Shaffer's American Capitalism and the Changing Role of Government PDF

By Harry G. Shaffer

ISBN-10: 0275965783

ISBN-13: 9780275965785

ISBN-10: 0275966585

ISBN-13: 9780275966584

This booklet is a superb creation to capitalism for the lay reader. Shaffer's variety is extremely readable, funny and nentertaining. He covers a large diversity of issues, elevating provocative questions on how concerned executive will be in such things as healthiness care and schooling.

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Indeed, unemployment is a quite different matter, for idle workers do mean less being produced and also less purchasing power to buy whatever there is for sale. 2 percent in April 1999, a 29-year low), are grossly understating the problem. S. Department of Labor Statistics, you are counted as unemployed only if you are over 16 years of age, are willing and able to work, are actively looking for a job, and are unable to find one. 2 million of them. ’’ If you would like to work full-time but have only been able to secure a part-time job, you are among six and a half million Americans who didn’t make the unemployment list either, since we do not have a ‘‘partially unemployed’’ category.

Any suggestion on how to improve ‘‘efficiency’’ in that area? Increasing efficiency at the cost of neglecting environmental concerns, widening income inequality, or failing to address other social objectives may well be too high a price to pay. Indeed, our society has many social goals to which the great majority of us subscribe; social goals which an unfettered free market has never achieved and by its very nature never will and never can achieve; goals such as sustained full employment, avoidance of the recurrence of depressions, quality education for all, protection of the public from unsafe products and services, equal rights for all irrespective of sex, race, creed, color, religion and, many would add, country of origin and even sexual orientation.

At the height of the German inflation, one trillion marks was an amount of money that you gave as a tip to a waiter in a restaurant; it was 25 American cents. Menus in restaurants were likely not to show prices because how much your dinner cost depended on how fast you ate it. At the height of that inflation, major department stores in Germany hired full-time help to do nothing but change prices. Prices were raised, on the average, once every 15 minutes. Businessmen, at the beginning, thought they could do well.

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