Tingfang's America Through the Spectacles of an Oriental Diplomat PDF

By Tingfang

ISBN-10: 142644155X

ISBN-13: 9781426441554

Whereas this ebook is certainly not recognized it's a outstanding likelihood to examine the United States of 1914 throughout the eyes of an intruder.

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As long as these objects can be secured it does not matter much whether the government is monarchial, republican, or something else. It may pertinently be asked why China has become a Republic, since from time immemorial she has had a monarchial form of government. The answer is that the conditions and circumstances in China are peculiar, and are different from those prevailing in Japan and other countries. C. and that the dynasty founded by him has continued ever since. It is well known that the Chinese Imperial family is of Manchu origin.

In order to save the Executive of the United States from embarrassment, the Chinese Government, contrary to its own sense of justice, and of international comity, for a third time yielded to the wishes of the United States, and concluded the amended treaty of 1894 which gave Congress additional power of legislation respecting Chinese laborers. By Article I of this treaty it was agreed that for a term of ten years the coming of Chinese laborers to the United States should be absolutely prohibited.

That America has no desire for territorial acquisition in China is well known. During the Boxer movement the American Government took the lead in initiating the policy of maintaining the open door, and preserving the integrity of China, a policy to which the other great powers readily consented. It was well known at the time, and it is no breach of confidence to mention the fact here, that Mr. John Hay, American Secretary of State, with the permission of President McKinley, was quite willing that America's indemnity demanded from China as her share of the compensation for losses sustained during the Boxer upheaval, should be reduced by one-half, provided the other powers would consent to similar reductions.

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