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An algebraic prelude Continuity of automorphisms and derivations $C^*$-algebra axiomatics and uncomplicated effects Derivations of $C^*$-algebras Homogeneous $C^*$-algebras CCR-algebras $W^*$ and $AW^*$-algebras Miscellany Mappings conserving invertible components Nonassociativity Bibliography

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In 1914, E. Cartan posed the matter of discovering all irreducible actual linear Lie algebras. Iwahori gave an up-to-date exposition of Cartan's paintings in 1959. This idea reduces the category of irreducible actual representations of a true Lie algebra to an outline of the so-called self-conjugate irreducible advanced representations of this algebra and to the calculation of an invariant of one of these illustration (with values $+1$ or $-1$) referred to as the index.

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To conclude this section, we note that there is the notion of least common multiple or lcm of integers a and b. This is defined to be the positive integer m such that both a and b divide m (so m is a common multiple of a and b), and such that m divides every common multiple of a and b. It is denoted by lcm(a, b). The proof that such an integer m does exist, and is unique, is left as an exercise. More generally, given non-zero integers a1 , . . , an , we define their least common multiple, lcm(a1 , .

Suppose that [a]n = [c]n . 4 Congruence classes 41 Then: (i) [a + b]n = [c + b]n , and (ii) [ab]n = [cb]n . Proof (i) Since [a]n = [c]n , n divides c − a. So we can write c = a + kn for some integer k. Therefore [c + b]n = [a + kn + b]n = [a + b + kn]n = [a + b]n (by definition of congruence class) as required. (ii) With the above notation, we have that [cb]n = [(a + kn)b]n = [ab + nkb]n = [ab]n . Comment The proof itself is, we hope, easy to follow line by line. In the discussion before the result we tried to explain the purpose of the theorem and proof.

The following result is sometimes referred to as the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. It says that, in some sense, the primes are the multiplicative building blocks from which every (positive) integer may be produced in a unique way. 28 Number theory Therefore positive integers, other than 1, which are not prime are referred to as composite. The distinction between prime and composite numbers, and the importance of this distinction, was recognised at least as early as the time of Philolaus (who died around 390 bc).

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