Adventures in Mathematics by Martin A Moskowitz PDF

By Martin A Moskowitz

ISBN-10: 9812386831

ISBN-13: 9789812386830

Notwithstanding straightforward in nature, this publication offers with primary matters in arithmetic — quantity, algebra, geometry (both Euclidean and non-Euclidean) and topology. those matters, on a complicated point, are an analogous ones with which a lot of present mathematical examine is worried and have been themselves learn themes of past classes. the cloth is particularly compatible either for complicated highschool scholars and for students attracted to easy arithmetic from the next perspective. it is going to even be very important to school academics looking an outline in their subject material.

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Suppose there were some n £ Z+ which couldn't be factored into primes. Let no be the least such integer. In particular, no can't be a prime. Therefore it can be factored no = ab. This means that since neither a nor b = 1, both a and b < no- Thus they can each be factored into primes. Putting these two factorizations together shows that no can be factored into primes. Proof of uniqueness. Let n — p\P2 • • -Pr be a factorization of the integer n into primes. Suppose there were another such factorization n — Q1Q2 ' ' ' Qs- Since p\ divides n, it divides q{ for some i = 1 , .

X X ' To follow, in detail, the manipulations involving inequalities used here, see the properties of an ordered field given on the page below. Now cos x —• 1 as x —» 0 so the squeezing principle tells us the same is true of ^f-. Notice that the fact that lim^oo ^ ^ = 1 itself implies that the area of a circle of radius r is -nr2. This is done by a process known to the ancient Greeks as the Method of Exhaustion. It works as follows: A 2 7T . 7T 2 Sin An = r n cos — sin — = r n n n 2 2TT - A = lim An n—»oo Let ^ = x.

We show if a > 0, then a - 1 > 0. Since aa~l — 1, it follows that aTl ^ 0. Suppose a~l < 0. Multiplying by a > 0 would then give 1 < 0, a contradiction. From this it follows easily that if 0 < a < b, then 6 _ 1 < a - 1 . ) Finally, suppose b > 1 and n G Z + . Then bn > b and therefore p- < £. Multiplying b > 1 by the positive number b gives b2 > b. Repeating this gives b3 > b2 so by induction for all n, bn >bn~K Hence by 2), bn > b. 4 The Real Numbers 23 Given two positive real numbers x and y we call ^-^- their arithmetic mean and ^fxy their geometric mean.

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