A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic by Ruth Shick Montgomery PDF

By Ruth Shick Montgomery

ISBN-10: 0698104048

ISBN-13: 9780698104044

From past the grave comes a startling message from one of many world's most famed psychics, a message containing the solutions to those questions and plenty of more...What does occur after loss of life? the place do you cross? what's it like "over there?" What does it consider prefer to be out of our human shell? Do you spot household now we have misplaced in the past? America's best-known spiritualist medium has reached the opposite global. He has demonstrated touch with a "receiver" during this world--and has written this ebook.

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It is always with us, whereas the so-called conscious mind is propelled solely by the mechanical apparatus of the physical body. "The subconscious stores all of the knowledge we have absorbed since the beginning of creation. It is like unto the greatest filing cabinet ever known, except that while in the physical body it will not always be tapped in ordinary ways, since the store of knowledge is too great to be readily brought to the surface at any given time. Through dreams and meditation we tap into that great well of knowledge, and through proper hypnosis we also are able to surface some of the storehouse, though by no means all of it.

The light here is pure and unceasing, since the sun does not control it. The mountains are eternally capped in halos of their own making. The trees are magically attuned, so that each seems to speak with a voice of its own. The songs of insects and birds are beautiful, and from out of the fastness of the universe come vibrations too harmonious to be conceived by the mind of a physical person. "Let us take up another aspect of our temple of wisdom. Here those souls who are in a proper state of advancement congregate each according to his own needs.

It protects the privacy, as in that phase you don't have to answer the ring of a telephone unless you feel like it. "Some here are teaching new souls who come over, others are going to school to catch up with the philosophy and development courses which they failed to master on your side of the veil. Some are actively engaged in exploration of ideas or are trying to atone for past omissions by deep meditation and prayer. We are not so much closer to that so-called heaven than you are, you know.

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