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As Duw is a masc noun, Yr Arglwydd Dduw has exceptional mutation. g. 'Wele/z', bechadur truan' ( T . R . C A N 324); 'tydi, ddyn; Tithau, Dduw' (Ps. lv, 13, 23). g. 'chwi feibion' replaces 'chwi meibion' (Is. xxvii. 12). 40 NUMERALS NUMERALS § 56. Examples: Cardinal 1. un 2. ) 3. ) 4. ) 5. pump, pum 6. chwech, chwe 7. saith 8. wyth 9. naw 10. deg (deng, dec-) 11. un ar ddeg 12. deuddeg 13. ) pumed chweched seithfed wythfed nawfed degfed unfed ar ddeg deuddegfed teirgwaith trydydd/trydedd ar ddeg pymthegfed 15.

Nos da, ewyllys da, yr wythnos diwethaj. , remains unmutated: geneth bach, Mari bach, but in general the rule is observed: geneth Jach, Marijach. After a s. fem. g. noson braj, hogen braf (cf. ', § 213, Note (b)). However, in parts of South ADJECTIVES 31 Wales one hears nosonfraf noswaith fraf merchfraf (This is explained by T. J. Morgan in TC 443). When an adj. precedes a noun in a compound, the noun is mutated, whether it be masc. : (loose compound) gwir ddyn, hen ferch, annwyl wlad; (mutation or non-mutation in adjectives in degrees other than the positive are dealt with in § 53); (strict compound) gwenferch, cromlech, hirddydd, hendref glasfro.

In S. Wales dialects the spoken forms are pump and chwech (whech) with all nouns, except in stable combinations such as chwe cheiniog and chweugain (standing for chwe ugain ceiniog in pre-metric coinage, '120 pence, 10 shillings'). Figures denoting numbers of pages, hymns, vehicles, etc. e. distinctive and not quantitative numbers) are spoken in terms of units, tens, hundreds, etc. This method is now generally used in teaching arithmetic and science subjects in schools, and for this purpose it is found to be very suitable, but learners should also be 42 NUMERALS thoroughly acquainted with the traditional numeration.

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