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By Alger F. Johns

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This regular grammar booklet of biblical Aramaic, utilized by scholars at many seminaries and universities, is the single one to incorporate graded routines on the shut of every of its twenty classes.

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They may be declined as any other noun or adjective. As a noun or adjective the participle is timeless. In BA the active participle of the simple conjugation is an adjective type, q&til, which appears with either _ or _ in the final syllable (see I H). ) nsns (fem. ) (fem. ) The passive participle of the simple conjugation is the qatil type. The Peal Passive Participle of the regular (strong) verb of BA is declined as follows: TTO (masc. '''^? (masc. ) HTriS (fem. ) jTriS (fem. ) 6. Uses of the Active Participle: The most common verbal use of the participle in BA is t o express present time.

Fi'A p i "and you will be driven ow/ from m a n k i n d " [lit. "(they) will drive you o u t " ] (Dan. 4:29[32]). (B) Present: aV-nVs r\xm •'T -^Thv, "your G o d whom you serve" ( D a n . 'n Vna " a r e you really a b l e ? " ( D a n . 2:26). (C) Past: (alone, or with the perfect of 7\'\T\): NaVsJ n a i ' - p T]T Nnn,? nxifl^a ppVa-Vy " t h a t town from days of old has risen up against kings" (Ezra 4:19); Vpj? mn xas Nin-n "whom he wished, killed" (Dan. 5:19). 26 (D) Jussive: fSl\r\1? Qbb^ " a n d let it be known to y o u " [lit.

However, in BA they are restricted to the qatil type in t h e perfect, with no occurrences of the qatul type. This qatil type occurs with either _ or _ in the final syllable (see I H ) : i j p " t o pay homage ( t o ) ; " anpj " t o draw near; a p p r o a c h . " The characteristic vowel of the imperfect of the stative verbs is usually a: Vf^b"; " h e will be clothed," although the usual non-stative u also occurs, tip'; " h e will pay homage ( t o ) . " These forms are called "stative" because they usually denote a state or condition.

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