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By Sadegh Imani Yengejeh, Seyedeh Alieh Kazemi, Andreas Öchsner

ISBN-10: 3319149857

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This quantity offers a entire method for categorizing carbon nanotubes and their alterations by way of nano sheets, nanotubes, microscopic and atomic transformations. additionally, the cloth and geometric homes of those nano-configurations are addressed. finally, it introduces a couple of universal software program programs for geometry iteration and a number of other advertisement finite point programs.

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It was assumed that CNTs, when subjected to loading, behave like space-frame structures. Thus, the bonds between carbon atoms are considered as connecting load-carrying generalized beam members, while the carbon atoms act as joints of the members [20]. 1. g. g. second moment of area) can be easily obtained from basic material tests and evaluated based on the given dimensions of the crosssectional area. Nevertheless, for the carbon-carbon bonds of CNTs, no classical tests or geometric derivations are available to describe the properties of the equivalent beam elements.

Hetero-junction CNTs are classified based on the configurations of their two constituent homogeneous CNTs. For instance, a hetero-junction CNT created by connecting a (7,7)-armchair CNT and a (9,9)-armchair CNT is referred to as a (7,7)-(9,9) hetero-junction CNT [50]. e. large angle, small angle and straight connections. e. if the constituent CNTs of a hetero-junction are © The Author(s) 2015 S. 1 Some examples of macroscopic and atomic modifications in the same type (either armchair, zigzag and chiral), the configuration of the hetero-junction is sorted as a straight model and the homogeneous CNTs will be connected with parallel longitudinal axis.

2 Buckminsterfullerene Buckminsterfullerene (or Bucky-balls) is some kind of spherical-shaped fullerene molecule which has cage-like fused-ring configurations [67]. 3 illustrates a model of buckminsterfullerene. 3 Capped CNTs By rolling up a graphene sheet as a cylinder and capping each side of the cylinder with half of the fullerene molecule, a capped CNT is modeled. 4 shows single-walled armchair and zigzag capped CNTs. 1 Material and Geometric Properties In a CNT, carbon atoms are bonded together by covalent bonds which have their specific lengths and angles in a three-dimensional space.

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