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First released in 2002, hugely wanted, and at last on hand back, A History of the Occult Tarot is the vintage paintings at the background of the Tarot deck and its makes use of in occult circles. beginning with the past due nineteenth century, the authors—art historian and old card curator Ronald Decker and previous Oxford common sense professor Michael Dummett—examine how the Tarot went from a deck used easily for card video games to being the popular divination device of occultists, a bridge to the spirit international, or even a map of the subconscious brain.                  

Looking on the humans and firms who followed the Tarot, starting from the Theosophical Society and Aleister Crowley to the Order of the Golden sunrise and P.D. Ouspensky, this compelling scholarly examine Tarot’s occult background describes a number of the attention-grabbing decks utilized by occultists in addition to the key histories of magical and occult teams of the past due nineteenth century via modern occasions. it really is one of many crucial histories of the topic and a key quantity for the libraries of all severe scholars of Tarot.

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The Brotherhood was to remain secret for a hundred years. R. was buried; although the sun did not shine in it, it was lit by another sun in the centre of the ceiling. ’s body, discovered under the altar, was found to be incorrupt; an inscription gave it as having been hidden for 120 years. The Fama ends by proclaiming that there will be a general reformation both of divine and human things. The religion of the Brothers is declared to be Protestant, and their philosophy to have come from Adam. This philosophy is indicated as being connected with the Cabala, and, above all, with alchemy; but it is stated to have nothing to do with the transmutation of baser metals into gold.

Now the Cabala joined the mix with the ancient esoterica preserved in Greek. Figure 4 A Tree according to Elijah ben Solomon. Christian Cabalists have generally operated apart from their Jewish counterparts. Even when Christians have had enough command of Hebrew to pursue the Cabala in its original language, they have often remained uninstructed in the primary texts and the evolution of the tradition in Jewish circles. At least until the time of Isaac Luria, Jewish Cabalists tended to keep their tradition away from the uninitiated – away from Christians above all.

Even the most scholarly efforts have failed to supply the Tarot with an interpretation that is acceptable to art historians and historians of playing cards. We do not deny the likelihood that some Renaissance allegories underlie the selection of trump images. We did not write A Wicked Pack of Cards in order to attack all arcane interpretations of the Tarot, as some critics supposed. On the contrary, we initially intended to include chapters advancing a theory about the esoteric significance attached to the trump sequence by its original inventor.

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