John M. Levesque's A Guidebook to Fortran on Supercomputers PDF

By John M. Levesque

ISBN-10: 0124447600

ISBN-13: 9780124447608

Contents: advent; Supercomputer structure; Fortran; Vectorization of Fortran courses. Index. This e-book explains intimately either the underlying structure of modern-day supercomputers and the way in which a compiler maps Fortran code onto that structure. most crucial, the constructs combating complete optimizations are defined, and particular suggestions for restructuring a software are supplied

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On the CYBER 205, a vector operation under control of a bit vector is as 50 SUPERCOMPUTER ARCHITECTURE fast as the operation without bit vector control. Consider the following DO Loop: INTEGER S 10 DO 10 I = 1, 10000, S A(I) = B(I) + C(I) CONTINUE The two methods of vectorizing this loop on the CYBER 205 are 1) periodically gather arrays B and C into temporary memory vectors TB and TC, add TB to TC, and store into temporary memory vector TA; then periodically scatter TA into A; or 2) add B to C over the entire index range 1 to 10000, using a bit vector that will only store into every Sth element of A.

8 39 4- N / . 8 Compress Vector A (Z # of element compressed) 52 + Z/2 52 + Z/4 52 + Z/4 52 + Z/8 Expand Vector A (Z # of elements expanded) 58 + Z/2 58 + Z/4 58 + Z/4 58 + Z/8 Sum of Elements 116+ N 116 + N 116-hN 116 + N Dot Product 116+ N 116 + N 116+ N 116+ N a Vector length = N. Format is startup time + result rate. Table derived from Clifford N. Arnold, "Vector Optimization on the CYBER 205," Control Data Corporation, Arden Hills, MN. shortening the vector seen by each pipeline, but the startup time remains constant.

Fetch the next 64 elements of Y to a vector register (V4). • Generate register V5 by choosing elements from V3 where the corre­ sponding bit of VM is 1 and by choosing elements from V4 where the bits are zero. • Store V5 into the 64 elements of the array Y. Or to state it more simply, perform all the computation in vector mode for all elements, then store only those elements for which the condition is true. GE. 0 true for all odd values of I. Although all computation of all elements is performed, vector-mask computation is so fast that it will outperform scalar mode any time that the condition is true a significant percentage of the time.

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