Download e-book for iPad: A Guide to the Wrightsman Galleries at the Metropolitan by N. Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York

By N. Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York

ISBN-10: 0870991868

ISBN-13: 9780870991868

E-book via Metropolitan Museum of artwork (New York, N. Y.)

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Museum. Inventory No. Zh-4902. "Very All-Drunken and Wild Assembly of the All- association Daddy of Them Moscow All. " Peter from members of his entourage. This portrait is formed It this played an tury). The artist, shortly part of the so-called Preo- presumably Russian, was probably one of the masters working work shows many in the in Moscow. The of the traditions of Some scholars ascribe the ancient Russian painting. to Kozhukhov Cam- Armory characteristics important part in the buffooneries and ceremonies that in the so-called Turgenev January 1695.

Turgenev com- manded a company that Peter orga- in 1694. brazhenskii Cycle (named so from the Preobrazhensku Turgenev was a member of Peter the Great's so-called Joking Prince, —grandiose military maneuvers celebrated his ma>riage in Accession: 1929. 5. Ivan Adolsky-Bolshoi (date of 1750 or later).

M. The Rape of KUSTODIEV Europa (1878-1927): Portrait of the Singer Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin 36 L 37 K. 38 S. MALEVICH (1878-1935): Girl with a Red Pole N. S. GONCHAROVA (1881-1962): Washing Linen 39 V. V. 40 KANDINSKY (1866-1944): The Lake M. F. LARIONOV (1881-1964): The Cockerel. Rayonist Study 41 M. B. GREKOV (1882-1934): The Gun Carriage I. I. B ROD SKY (1884-1939): Lenin in the Smolnyi Institute 43 V. E. 44 TATLIN (1885-1953): The Fish Vendor O. V. ROZANOVA (1886-1918): The Metronome Y. A.

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A Guide to the Wrightsman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art/E0720P by N. Y.) Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York

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