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Bthnne, to ourselves self. Ace. mipe, mepi, myself. Cu, Nom. cd. Gen. bo. Dat. buic. Ace. cti. Voc. cti. Ace. inne, pinne, ourselves. thou. Nom. pib. Gen. bup, bap. Dat. Ace. Voc. baoib, bib. lb, pib. pib, lb. J ETYMOLOGY. 42 Qj, at or ivith. Plural. Singular. a^am, with [PART or at me. ajainri, with us. ojac, agab, with thee. agent), with you. aige, with him. aice or aici, with her. aca or acu, with them, The same with agampa, with asacpa, with the emphatic increase. agamne, with ourselves, agaibpe, with yourselves, acapan, with themselves, myself.

Nom. pice; gen. piceab 3. pice is declined 2. sence of nonns, : — nom. plur. picib. dat. picib 4. C6abhas gen. c6ib; nom. pi. ; ; 5. The following nouns, which c6aba orc^abca. are all except THE PRONOUN. CHAP. ] 89 beipc, formed from the numerals, are applied to — persons only war. wr\ two P 6 ™ " 9 : - a couple. three persons. , m6p-peipeap, J o6cap, eight ,, nonbap, nacmbap, nine „ ten „ bei6neabap, „ CHAPTEE IV. THE PRONOUN. — six kinds of pronouns Personal, Possessive, Eelative, Demonstrative, In1.

Nominative singular. The vocative is like the nominative. The nominative plural is generally formed by adding a or e. 5. The genitive plural is generally like the nominative singular. Example, clear, a trick or feat. Plural. Singular. Nom. cleap. Norn, cleapa. Gen. cleap. Dat. cleapmb. Gen. cleapa. Dat. cleap. 6. If the characteristic vowel is slender, it must be made broad in the genitive singular, in accordance with the rule caol le caol &c. as coil, the ; will, gen. cola. 7. Sometimes c or c is of the genitive singular, introduced before the a which commonly causes other changes by syncope as cooail, sleep gen.

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