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By C. L. Seow

ISBN-10: 0687157862

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A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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One must determine the usage from the context. '1~~-n~ on~/o:-rnN ... : ... T form Jitt- before the suffix, the marker of direct definite object has the base form Jot- or Jet-. The indefinite direct object, however, is not so marked. 1. Fo rm I'hv rnuticl e :1~;:1 (a lso 1D I -1ry) may appear independently or take '> I if fi xed pro no un s of Type A, as follows. roo I Lesson IX Vocabulary I i~i} 3 ms -not attested- 3 fs 2 ms 2 fs 9~D l~Dil~D '~~D I CS 3 mp I:Hi1 3 fp -not attested- -"' lo~t di·, hi_ Vocabulary T • 2 mp 2 fp -not attested- I cp ....

David 111::> like David the new moon • T iii. Before unaccented i1 and :17, and accented or unaccented n, the definite article is tJ with virtual doubling. This rule takes precedence over the previous two. T 1i~~ an uproar T T 1i~~V the uproar l1¥ iniquity l1¥tJ 1iTIJ a VlSlOn 1iTIJtJ the iniquity the vision 7 a. Before a noun without a definite article, the preposition is si mply prefixed. ~~'D a palace a new moon i The definite article may also rarely be used to indicate a vocative. " i. Compensatory lengthening before N, :17, 1.

LP~) 5. 3. and in the cities 4· li~iJ 'i1' liP. AD @ after the wind ' T -:- 2. p b. Write the following in Hebrew: 2. ;1iJ l'~~ ci~i] r~ v r : ~l~ (subject: God) created; rl~l··· n~ untranslatable markers of the definite object of the verb (Nl~). 11l and the wind/ spirit of God; was hovering I swooping. rl;JDlQ v 3: 19~;) then (subject} said; 'iJ~ let there be; -,i1~1 and there was. ·:p~) and (subject) made a separation. v 5: ~lP~1 (subject) called; li~/ (with reference to) the light; ~lR he ca lled.

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