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By C. L. Seow

A transparent web page through web page black and white experiment of Seow's grammar.

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1~i7:l assembly n~! olive ,~~ ram ,.. C'l:,'1 olives rams Note: a (T) in a pretonic position is not reduced; only reduced. ~~tp~ judgment C'~~tp~ judgments b. Contraction ~ i. dyi contracts to e .. trouble death u. awe contracts to o n~ •: T n,6 c. Nouns with Final i1 ... - i1Th ... seer C'~i shepherds Final il ... is removed before the mp, fs, or fp ending. N god, God, (the god) El blood (fs; fp: ntq~) land, earth, country (fs; fp: ni~l':t) mother God, gods ',~ C'ij',~ c~ r1~ T (ms or fs) way, road C1 1T!

A). Under the root nn::2 we find the noun n~, which is regularly taken as masculine, but apparently is regarded as feminine in Isa 5: 1 o. The plural of this noun is C'f:l~, we are told. One should also note that the noun is listed as "I I. n~;· although there is no other noun n~ subsumed under this root.

It is popularly known as B DB, after the initials of the editors. Based on a German lexicon from the nineteenth century; this reference work is now outdated. Yet, for most students who read only English, there is still no substitute that is both adequate and easily affordable. For the beginning student, B DB is difficult to use primarily because it is not arranged alphabetically, but according to roots. For instance, the noun IJ~F;, (altars) is not listed as it is spelled, but after the verb n~l and.

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