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In a transparent and obtainable demeanour, Kim Riddlebarger offers and defends amillennialism—the trust that the millennium is a gift truth headquartered in Christ's heavenly reign, no longer a destiny wish of Christ's rule in the world after his return—as the ancient Protestant realizing of the millennial age.

Recognizing that eschatology—the examine of destiny things—is a classy and debatable topic, Riddlebarger starts off with definitions of key terminology and an outline of assorted viewpoints and similar biblical subject matters. He then discusses key passages of Scripture that undergo upon the millennial age, together with Daniel nine, Matthew 24, Romans eleven, and Revelation 20. ultimately, he evaluates the most difficulties dealing with all the significant millennial positions and cautions us to concentrate on the results of every view.

This increased variation features a new foreword from Michael Horton, a brand new bankruptcy at the antichrist, a brand new bankruptcy on symptoms of the tip, and a number of other priceless charts and indexes.

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Notice too the not-so-subtle use of ad hominem arguments, which link amillennialism with Protestant liberalism or even Roman Catholicism. €. became a philosophical basis for anti-Semitism. Amillennialism teaches that the Church has been given the promises made to the Israelites because they crowned a history of unbelief by rejecting the Messiah. €. This kind of teaching is demonic and heretical. 6 The use of this nonliteral hermeneutic, according to dispensationalists, leads to a failure to distinguish properly between the church and Israel—a pillar of the dispensational hermeneutic.

31 This version of postmillennialism as taught by Reformed theologians such as the Hodges and Warfield differs markedly from the more recent theonomic variety of postmillennialism. While theonomic postmillennialism emphasizes the rise of a theocracy, classical postmillennialism emphasizes an optimistic view of the future of redemptive history, when people will convert to Christianity and society at large will prosper. Amillennialism Amillennialism was not recognized as a distinct position until around the turn of the twentieth century.

If amillenarians adopt the New Testament writers’ interpretation of the Old Testament, are they not following the literal sense of Scripture, even if the New Testament writers universalize something that was limited to Israel in the Old Testament? indd 53 5/10/13 4:05 PM 54 ↜F ir st T hings Fir st confused with a literal reading. A literal reading—a reading that gets at the plain sense of the text—will allow the New Testament to interpret the Old. It is amillenarians, not dispensationalists, who interpret prophecy literally in that they follow the literal sense of how the writers of the New Testament interpret Old Testament prophecy.

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