New PDF release: 55 Answers to Questions about Life After Death

By Mark Hitchcock

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Four thousand years in the past, amid tragic agony and demise, activity requested the query of the a long time: "If a guy dies, will he reside again?" because the sunrise of heritage, the topic of demise and the afterlife has been the good query of human lifestyles. it is a topic that everybody wonders approximately. What lies at the back of the veil of demise? Is there rather lifestyles after demise? Is there a spot referred to as hell? This small but power-packed publication solutions, in a truly straight forward, reader-friendly structure, all of the most-asked questions usual humans have approximately demise, near-death stories, cremation, purgatory, hell, heaven, and our destiny our bodies. you can be surprised at what awaits us past the grave.

Is There intercourse in Heaven?

It's a good query! And so are the remainder. pass ahead...flip to the desk of contents. notice one other one, , or fifty-four others which are absolute to intrigue you. Questions like: Do these in heaven recognize what is taking place in the world? and Will I see my...

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Those who have died and gone to heaven don't need our prayers. They are with Jesus Christ in glory. Why would they need our prayers? And those who have died and gone to hades are there forever. There is no way of escape for them or lessening of their suffering. So there is no reason to pray for them either. Rather than spending time in prayer for those who have departed this life, use your time in prayer wisely to pray for temporal and spiritual needs for yourself, your family, your friends, your church, and your government leaders.

Do Some People Get a Glimpse of Heaven Before They Die? … 10. Is Reincarnation Consistent with the Bible? 11. Can the Dead Communicate with the Living? 12. Is Fear of Death Normal? PART TWO: Grave Matters 13. Should Christians Be Cremated? PART THREE: The Other Side of the Good News 14. Is Hell a Real Place? 15. What Is Hell Like? 16. Are There Different Parts of the Underworld? 17. How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? 18. Is Hell in the Center of the Earth? 19. Will People in Hell Ever Have a Second Chance?

44. Will We Eat in Heaven? 45. Will Jesus Still Have Scars in Heaven? 46. Will We See God in Heaven? PART SEVEN: The Ultimate Extreme Makeover 47. What Kind of Body Will We Have in Heaven? 48. When Do We Get Our New Body? 49. … 50. How Old Will We Appear to Be in Heaven? PART EIGHT: The Residents of Heaven 51. Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Heaven? 52. Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven? 53. Will There Be Animals in Heaven? 54. Do Infants and Children Who Die Go to Heaven? PART NINE: Life's Greatest Question 55.

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