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By Wil Stegenga

ISBN-10: 0486403637

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An exciting collection of 30 advanced three-d designs, this quantity will entice colorists of every age. styles diversity from heavily interwoven squares, stars, and rectangles with sharp, angular kinds, to flowing interlacements of circles, ovals, hearts, and different rounded shapes. The hypnotic pictures, a few of which function optical illusions, are totally attention-grabbing.

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12 Path to the east. in Monet's Garden, 1918-1924 Oil on canvas, Monet's son Michel and his stepson, Jean-Pierre devastating conflict, leaving the old man that 35 x Musee Marmottan, ^tf/i in. Durand-Ruel Work in for Monet had always been "the great than two months later, grew in size and grandeur. "" Like his that fateful year, "although I'm rather many younger contemporary Matisse, who openly admitted war tribute to the just as his effort doing what he knew by making art, canvases way of not thinking about present sorrows," he wrote to Geffroy little Weeping Willow, 19 18 Monet stood steadfastly suffer ashamed of and die for that he Columbus Museum of Howard D.

For on floating, palette- The pond thus became a focal point Monet, which he treated with reverence, as a personal sanctuary. Monet would become completely engrossed with the pond, recording the effects of the ever- changing light. cared The for. He saw to by one gardener who spent it. His first the master catch the row out that his it pond was well flowering surface was maintained his entire day tending assignment began before dawn, would come first light. in the pond to set up when his canvases to The water gardener would in a small green flat-bottomed boat to clean the entire surface.

In both kinds of garden pictures, he constantly reinforces the basic tensions that exist in the art of painting between the surface of the canvas and the space he carves out of it, the flatness of the images and their plastic qualities, the strokes on the canvas and their mul- tiple associations. In earlier water-lily example pictures, for also cat. nos. the image 1, 2), (figs. 9, 10; see he increasingly up on the canvas until it tilts finally pushes distant reference points out of the scene and lays claim to the surface as a whole.

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